A cheap Holiday ! What insurance to take ?

Thinking out of the box and going for a cheap holiday at the same time means you have to make you have a good traveling insurance.


For example you can find hotels under 5 euro in India. However, what happens when you get robbed ? How can you get home ? Be sure you find this out before you start traveling. And check while you are busy with it also your health insurance and for example your car insurance. Maybe you do NOT need any additional insurance because you are already covered by your regular insurance.

Same thing with your Medical Insurance. Is this covering all if you go as far as to India, or do you need additional insurance to cover something extra.


It is always a good thing to check this kind of things if you want to make a (cheap) holiday. Because in the end a cheap holiday can get pretty expensive if you do not have the correct insurance and something is happening to you or any of your family members.


Have a fun and healthy holiday this year ….

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